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About us

Infinity Industries Group, Inc. is pleased to offer a direct marketing and sales program for the North American market. With several strategically located factories throughout the Far East, Infinity Industries Group, Inc combines their production expertise and costs of goods with their superior understanding of the marketing and sales of product throughout the global marketplace.

The factories employ first-class personnel and well-trained engineers that contribute to the production of our quality steel products. The factories have been manufacturing products for usage worldwide for over 30 years.

Infinity Industries Group, Inc is truly a global operation, with office and showrooms in North American & China. The Marketing & Sales offices are located in Carrollton, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.

The products are available in attractive 4-color packaging, or may be delivered in a customer's private label carton design. A U.S. warehouse facility provides the support program and facilitates container needs and customer service.

For more Marketing & Sales information, call (972) 378-1700.

I. Factory Direct

  • Competitive First Cost Pricing
  • Insures Timely Delivery
  • Insures Consistency of Performance
  • Superior Container Loading Factors:
    • Lowers Freight Costs
    • Improves Profit Margins
  • Quality Control (QC) Testing for All Components
  • In-House Production of All Molds & Tooling
  • In-House Coating Processes

II. Production

  • State-of-the-Art Equipment
    • Automated Coil Steel Sheerer
    • Stamping Machinery
    • Coating Machinery
  • Lead Free Compliant Components
    • UV Inhibitors in All Powder Coating & Painting
    • Rust Inhibitors in All Powder Coating & Painting
  • ISO Certified Facilities
    • ISO 2000 & 2001

III. Commitment to Your Business

  • U.S. Facility for After-Sales Needs
  • Factory and Local Sales Teams
  • Purchase of New Hardware, Software & Computers

IV. Packaging

  • Dedicated Carton Design
  • 4-Color Packaging
  • Private Label Programs Available
  • All Cartons Utilize Assigned UPS Codes
  • User Friendly Packaging
  • Bi-Lingual and Tri-Lingual Packaging Available
    • English / Spanish
    • English / French
    • English / Spanish / French

V. Photography

  • In-House Photo Studio
  • Hi-Resolution JPEG Images for Advertising Needs

VI. Factories & Showrooms

  • Taiwan:
    • Taichung
  • North America:
    • Dallas, Texas